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Aperol float post feedback 20170908 1713

Aperol Spritz floating bar

In early 2018 I was lucky enough to be part of a project for Aperol Spritz where we designed products for The Big Summer Social festival.

I helped engineer and visualize a floating spritz bar ready for manufacture. It was a straight forward project that seemed no more eventful than any other.

However in summer of 2018 I was invited to this wonderful event that I help design. Seeing people enjoying their precious summer weekends with the aid of product I helped design was a special experience.

And the attention grabbing floating bar was a hit when it came to promotions. It was the centre piece of Aperol's and Cosmopolitan's promotional videos.

A truly wonderful project where just couple of my hours spent on computer helped create a brilliant summer event.

modeled in Rhinoceros 3D
rendered in KeyShot 6.0

edited in Adobe Photoshop

Art direction - ADM Promotions

Design/ engineering - Jinho Jeong

Visualisation - Jinho Jeong

Aperol float exploded
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