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Robot Guide Dog for International Space Station

Little Inventors is a global project where designers, artists, and engineers from around the globe donate their time and talents to encourage creativity in children, by making their idea drawings into something real.

This year, 2019, I was invited to participate in creating works to be exhibited at Canadian Space Agency. I got to go through hundreds of amazing ideas & drawings by children all over Canada. And I fell in love with this drawing of Robot Guide Dog for International Space Station. I have turned this drawing into a 3D render, to show people what this might look like in real life.

The inventor Talya, just 9 years old, believed that blindness shouldn't prevent a talented astronaut from going into space, so she came up with a brilliant idea of giving them this metal companion to help them find their way through the space station.

Take a look here!

Idea - Talya (9 years old)

Design - Jinho Jeong

Rendering - Jinho Jeong

modeled in Rhinoceros 3D
rendered in KeyShot 5.0

edited in Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Pro

Talya Robot Guide dog 3
Talya Robot Guide dog 4
Talya Robot Guide dog 2
Talya Robot Guide dog 1
Talya Robot Guide dog 5
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