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Tanqueray Gin

pop-up cocktail trailer

For Tanqueray Gin I have designed a  mobile bar to be used in summer festivals as a pop up cocktail bar.

It started as a conceptual 2D design by an Italian design studio. I was responsible for making sure that the technical features, aesthetics, and materials fit the user requirement and the brand image of the company.

I am proud to say that I paid attention to little details that made the difference for the users. For instance, I made sure that the working area of the bar was ergonomic to bartenders, as well as the stall side friendly to customers.

I also found the suitable materials and prototype manufacturer that fitted the project budget and requirement.

modeled in Rhinoceros 3D
rendered in KeyShot 5.0

edited in Adobe Photoshop

Art direction - ADM Promotions

Design - Jinho Jeong

Rendering - Jinho Jeong


-technical drawing for prototype manufacture

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